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Nominations for IASGCON 2023 Orations

The preparations for the 33rd National Conference of IASG at Hyderabad 2023 (23rd to 25th Nov, 2023) are presently going on.

Kindly visit the IASG orations page for details (https://www.iasgindia.com/orations.html) The conference website will be activated soon.

We have two prestigious orations in IASG every year.

This year there would be

  • Mrs. Veerabai JR Das Aggarwal Oration
  • Lucknow Oration

The IASG members are invited to nominate/suggest speakers for the same. The rules, forms and guidelines for the two orations are available under orations page (https://www.iasgindia.com/orations.html).

All communication in this regard should be sent to this email address (iasgsecy@gmail.com) with the subject heading clearly stating 'Nomination/Suggestion for Veerabai JR Das Aggarwal Oration/Lucknow Oration'

All decisions in this regard are taken as per the guidelines mentioned on the website.