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To become a member:
  • Register online and fill all the details in My Profile
  • For becoming Full life member: Select Full member (Enter the ASI Number: Which will be validated later)
  • For becoming Associate life member: Select Associate Member
  • The fields marked with red mark (*) are Mandatory fields, other fields are optional
  • In the References section: Two references should be selected from the IASG members, whom you know and who can recommend your name for membership.
  • In the Documents section: Select the document under which category you are eligible to become member and the corresponding document should be uploaded.
  • After the details are complete, submit the application on line in the Confirm Section
  • You will get the confirmation and status of your application to your registered mail id.
  • Please Note: Only after the References whom you have selected approve your application, the application will reach Secretary IASG for processing.
  • Processing your application by Secretariat will take less than 3 months from the time it reaches the Secretary, IASG
  • After the selection process is complete, you will get a confirmation letter from the Secretary, IASG. Only then you should pay the membership fee.
  • After the payment of membership fee - You will get Membership number and can download payment reciept and Membership certificate

Full Life membership is open only for members of the Association of Surgeons of India who are practising or interested in Surgical Gastroenterology as per the eligibility criteria below.

Member of ASI and at least one of the following:
  • M. Ch or DNB or PhD in Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Full time faculty member of Dept. of Surgical Gastroenterology (Govt. or Private)
  • Three years of experience (after MS) in Dept. of Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Faculty member of Dept. of General Surgery for at least 5 years with at least 50% of work in Surgical Gastroenterology (recommended by two IASG members)
  • General surgeon (MS/ DNB) for at least 8 years with at least 50% of work in Surgical Gastroenterology (recommended by two IASG members)
  • Attended at least 3 IASG National Conferences and presented at least one paper in these
  • Published at least 2 papers on topics related to Surgical Gastroenterology in indexed (Index Medicus) journals
  • All applications must carry proof of the above
  • Those enrolled under categories d and e above will have to have their applications certified by two existing members of the Section
  • The enrolment will be made by the Credentials Committee of IASG in September every year

Honorary membership will be conferred to those who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of Surgical Gastroenterology. Honorary members will be elected by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Body on the recommendations of the Credentials Committee consisting of:

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary, as convener

Associate Life Membership was approved by General Body of IASG on 8th October 2016. The associate life members are not entitled to hold any administrative post in IASG. The criteria for eligibility are those as mentioned for Full Life Membership, but without becoming an ASI Member. In addition, M. Ch / DNB Surgical Gastroenterology residents are also eligible for Associate Life Membership (Should submit necessary documents).