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Host a Conference/meeting of IASG

The Secretary, on behalf of the Executive Committee of IASG, will invite the bids by email for hosting the Annual conference of IASG (IASGCON), usually about 2 years in advance.

The bids may be sent by email to iasgsecy@gmail.com as an expression of interest. Kindly note the following points, with regard to bids for hosting the National conference of IASG :-

  1. Bid should be placed by a Life member of IASG, along with information about the constitution of the provisional Organizing Committee, Organizing Secretary, etc.
  2. The Bidder must ensure that the bidding team would be able to arrange adequate finances to conduct a smooth meeting. IASG can only help in providing seed money (within the rules of IASG). IASG cannot be held responsible for arranging finances or how the finances are to be used by the host team.
  3. The bidding team should consider, prior to bidding, the availability of adequate logistics to conduct a smooth conference
  4. The conduct of the conference is to be done as per past conventions of IASG and under the supervision and advice of the IASG executive members and Scientific committee.
  5. It may be advisable to prepare a power-point presentation (3 min or less) to support the bid, if permitted by the chair during the GBM. This may be clarified with the Secretary IASG prior to the subsequent GBM.
  6. All the bids sent through email will only represent an expression of interest. These bids would then be placed before the General Body of IASG for voting (if there are more than one) during the GBM held during the subsequent IASGCON and the majority vote would determine the outcome.
  7. The winning Bidder will need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU on a notarized stamp paper of Rs 100) with the IASG (as has been approved during the GBM in IASGOCN 2022, Kolkata). The template of MOU is available on the IASG website. All conditions stated in this MOU are binding on both parties.
  8. Before placing the bids the potential organizing committee/ organizing secretary is strongly urged to read all points covered in the MOU in detail.
MOU for hosting the National conference of IASG